Sunday, 26 June 2016

Confessions of a Self Confessed Lipstick Hoarder Volume II

So if you’ve been keeping up with my social media posts then you’ll know of my love of lipsticks, more like a full blown obsession. It’s the last product that goes on your face before you feel done, its that bold burst of colour or shy sweep of gloss that make your lips go wow. There’s such a variety of shades and textures and finishes that it can become overwhelming. With this in mind I thought I’d share a few of my favourites with you every month, reviewing lipsticks I've recently purchased and sharing my thoughts.

This month I’ve been reaching for a darker colour (I blame the lack of sunshine for this) such as a wine, red or brown and I have a few of my favourites to share.

#1 New York Apple by MAC

This is a little lipstick I found on a trip to NYC last year and is a lovely muted red colour with a pink shimmer. It is a frosted lipstick, a lipstick with a good colour payoff with a frosted shimmer. It is a colour you’d typically associate with autumn/winter wear but with the current dull weather I do find myself reaching for it. On its own the colour can come off as more pink but with a good lipliner underneath it definitely gives a strong red lip. It is quite a creamy lipstick and doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry or chapped, which is definitely a bonus. Oh, did I mention its staying power? This lipstick definitely lasts and doesn’t just slide off my lips, even after hours of wear you have a light layer left on the lips.

#2 Damned Everlasting Lipstick by Kat Von D

This is a black cherry colour which can be described as a blackened burgundy colour with warm undertones and a matte finish. This colour can come off as a burgundy to very dark browny black depending on how many layers you apply meaning you can get several shades and looks from one lip colour-result! As much as I love this lip colour it can be hard to get an even colour all over the lip, I don’t know if it’s the formula or shade but this lipstick is definitely harder to get an even colour. It is a matte shade and oh boy does it have staying power, I can wear this lipstick all day and it still hasn’t budged after a good 7-8 hours without having re-apply. It is the ultimate lazy girl lipstick.

#3 Black Cherry Lip Glacé by Laura Mercier

This is another black cherry shade (are you sensing a theme here?) that launched as part of the Spring 2014 collection but is still very much a favourite shade. It is a deep ripe cherry shade with a bit of a blackened cherry look, the perfect shade for vampire inspired lips and who doesn’t love a vampy look especially in fall. The colour isn’t completely sheer but it does take a few layers before I get the perfect lip colour as the formula isn’t the thickest. Its perfect to wear on its own for a quick swipe of colour or great layered over a wine coloured lipstick.

#4 Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Mink

This is a creme finish lipstick in a beige brown colour. It is my go to everyday lipstick as it slides on like a dream and is so nourishing and creamy. As it’s really creamy it doesn’t last and I find myself topping it up every few hours but that’s a price I’m definitely willing to pay.  This colour is very 90’s and I’m loving it!

#5 Divine Wine by Maybelline New York

This is a reddish brown colour very much the colour of a glass of wine. It has a matte finish which I love, I’m a sucker for a matte lipstick and has a very creamy formula. Unlike a typical matte I don’t find it drying my lips or having a sticky/dry texture.  It’s perfect for a fall look but does take some time to apply as has a very rounded tip meaning it needs to be applied with a lip brush.  It has an amazing colour pay off and lasts all day, no need to religiously top it up.



Monday, 20 June 2016

Do you know what a unicorn eats?

Coconut is a big player in the beauty industry, you can lather it up in your favourite fruit shampoo or moisturise with a moisturiser featuring coconut milk or oil but who’s complaining, coconut is fantastic. With all the coconut infused products out there it’s a surprise that it hasn’t found its way into your favourite nail polish yet. Well that was until now. Barry M have launched a range of 9 nail polishes infused with a blend of coconut water and coconut oil that promise to hydrate and restore your nails while giving you a glossy gel coat of colour to your nails, I can’t think of a better quick fix for my nails so of course I had to give them a try.

As I mentioned there are 9 colours but as of yet I have only tried three of these and they are the cutest pastel shades perfect for summer and are all named after things you'd associate with summer. It is encouraged not to apply a base coat when wearing these, scary I know, this would be a complete deal breaker for darker polishes but all 9 colours in the range have a lovely pastel or milky shade. Some of the colours are quite pale and definitely not suited to my Scottish skin, but with a suntan these colours will leave your nails rocking.


From the ones I have tried Laguna is definitely a favourite but bikini is certainly up there and who knows after my trip in the summer one of the lovely milk colours could be a favourite. 

(Ps, do excuse my pathetic excuse for nails, they're shameful, I know and my bad waiting, trying to paint and remove three colours as quick is possible is not fun)

All of the polishes in the range from L-R: Flamingo, Bikini, Aloha, Laguna, Skinny Dip, Starfish, Sunkissed, Surfboard and Tiki Hut



These polishes definitely do leave my nails feeling hydrated and moistures and I would definitely recommend going out and grabbing some, they really are the perfect summer colour. 


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can…

Wow this year is going in fast, I can’t believe we are already in June or have I stepped in a time machine? Either way I am so excited, it is only 98 days until I head off to the big apple, we’re down to double digits. Okay so it may seem like it’s a while of but really it’s not. It feels like only yesterday we got confirmation that NY had been booked for the second time. 

I know what you’re thinking, you’ve done it, what’s so exciting about doing it again but the truth is there’s just so much New York to do. I seriously think I could move there and could see something new everyday for a year before I could happily say I’ve seen it all. Last time around we went at the end of October and the weather just wasn’t on our side, it was pretty chilly and rained on our last couple of days so we missed out on doing a lot of tourist things like looking at the skyline from the top of the rock and climbing up the Empire State building. We did however see a lot of Times Square and Central park, as we passed through often getting from A to B and we went on one of the sightseeing bus tours, sitting up top in the rain. 

Did I mention the shopping? 

I honestly don’t think I’ve seen so many fabulous shops, world known and unique to the U.S. There was no way I was getting round every one of them, not that my bank balance would allow it. I could have spent days waltzing in and out of every shop on 5th and Madison Avenue until I dropped. The expression ‘shop to you drop’ is totally justifiable in NY. Unfortunately this time round we only have 4 days to see and do everything but I have a plan. I plan on making a list of everything I want to do and the plausibility of being able to do it and I have a better idea of how the grid system works so won’t end up walking around aimlessly trying to navigate my way.
On said list is:
  • Grand central Station
  • The Statue of Liberty
  • Empire State Building
  • Top of the Rock
  • The Highline
  • All of the shopping
  • Ellen’s Stardust Diner
  • The New York Library ( I need to see the Winnie the Pooh Collection)
  • A Broadway show-Last year we went to see Wicked, my all time favourite show, I’m hoping Peter Pan is still on Broadway.

These are only a few of the things I’ve got planned but being from the Uk there’s definitely a lot of less touristy places that I’m unaware of but would love to visit, I want to do what New Yorkers do so if you have any suggestions please let me know, I would love some suggestions.



Monday, 13 June 2016

10 Things You Might Not Know About ME

Looking over the posts I’ve written since taking over little piece of the internet, i’ve come to realise that I haven’t really shared who I am with you guys. Yes, i’ve expressed my views and feelings and yes, i’ve shared snippets of what I like but who is the face behind the posts. With this in mind, as the title suggests I’m going to share a few things about me.

1. I am obsessed with all things Harry Potter. I grew up with Harry Potter, reading the first book when I was only five or 6 years old. It’s a little piece of my childhood I won’t let go of. Ever. I should probably mention Dr Who in here too. There are no words to describe how deep my love of this show goes, new who and classic.

2. If you don’t know me, I come across as really shy, that is until I get to know you then you’ll be lucky if you can get me to shut up.

3. I am a bit of a daydreamer with a pretty old fashioned view of love/life.

4. I’m super emotional to the point where I can’t watch the start of The Lion King and watching Monsters Inc. makes me cry when they shred boo’s door (seriously, why did they have to shatter my emotions with that). I cry when i’m happy, I cry when i’m sad and I cry when i’m mad, angry or scared. I cry often.

5. I hate coffee. I love the smell of it, it smells amazing but don’t dare put it in my drink. I will spit it back out at you.

6.  “Im not crazy. My reality is just different from yours”. This sums me up in a sentence, I don’t tend to follow the norm and can have a bit of a crazy outlook on life.

7. I once played a jellyfish in The Little Mermaid for a play. No joke. I did.

8. I have a really small family, I can count everyone on less than two hands!

9. While at school a friend and I had a Harry Potter quote off,yes were that cool. Rather than having a normal conversation, we only spoke with Harry Potter quotes which lasted a good 2-3 days.

10. I have a huge list of places I want to travel to, topping that list is a tour down the South Coast of America, Florence, Thailand and Dubai.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better and I look forward to learning more about you!


Friday, 10 June 2016

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh wait, it’s just another till receipt

I asked you guys across my social media about what you’s wanted to see here and the most popular choice was a what’s in my bag so here it is.

I thought if i’m going to do a what’s in my bag then it needs to be my everyday bag, the one bag that never gets cleared out and is like a bottomless pit. Like seriously, I can drop some loose change or bobby pins into the bottom of my bag and they're gone. Vanished. Away to ‘a place called here’ never to be seen again. It’s my burgundy Michael Kors Travel bag. It is the perfect size with three main compartments and ticket pouches in the sides with a documents holder in also. It is ideal for a day to day bag as I can chuck everything in it and somehow still have space for more.

Like everyone I have wayward receipts and unexplained crumbs in the bottom of my bag. I do clean them out often, I promise but in general my bag is usually fairly clutter free, well on a Monday anyway. Here’s a little peek of what’s currently in there…


I like to keep my laptop in my bag when I go out so that if i’m on a longer train journey or stop at Starbucks for a coffee I can check emails and do a little blogging, and maybe a little shopping but shhh that’s a secret. It is a travel essential.

Phone and Keys

Is an explanation necessary? 


I always, always keep a book in my bag, there’s always  time or place to be reading, even if it’s just to escape reality for a few minutes. My current read is The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory (I have a little bit of an obsession with Mary Queen of Scots).

Makeup Bag

In here is my essential makeup pieces as well as the odd glittery eyeshadow or bright lipstick that’s not quite made it back to my room after a night out. Rather that tell you everything you’d find in here, you can check out my daily essentials HERE as no-one wants to read a super long description of all the little things in my makeup bag. There is a few extra things I found in my bag when writing this that aren’t usually there. These are some new Barry M nail polishes in shades 20 and 35 which are infused with coconut water an oil which got an A+ from me. Coconut is my fave! I also found a Barry M Afterglow Bronzer which cam free with the nail polish but I have yet to try it, i’ll let you know how it is once I do.

Comb, Kirbies and Hair Things

Always, in case of any hair emergencies.

Rayban Aviators

These are a fairly new purchase but with the unexpected Scottish sunshine have become a staple in my bag. That and they are fabulous, they are the perfect accessory and they have a bluey green lens which remind me of summer.


I usually take my journal if I'm out an about, well i say journal, it’s more of a notebook for jotting down ideas, things i’ve seen or heard. Anything of particular interest really, this way when I’m home I can look it up, write or whatever course of action is needed. Generally this consists of looking at my loopy scrawl for a while trying to work out what was so interesting about what’s written on the paper. My current one is this beautiful purple and silver journal that I got on a trip to Edinburgh Castle. It took me a while before I started using, as it’s far too pretty to use. 

Apple Earphones

They came with my phone. I like them. Earphones are an essential.


I’m gonna need money at some point…

I hope you’ve enjoyed a peek inside my bag. I’d love to know what your bag essentials are, let me know below :)


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast...

Okay, I admit I was totally oblivious about the new Urban Decay palette until about a week ago when I seen in House of Frasers and getting my hands on one has been an obsession since. Like seriously, why wouldn’t I dedicate my time to scouring the internet for a palette inspired Disney and produced by one of my favourite brands. I finally have one and oh my, it’s everything I thought it would be and more.

The packaging screams Alice in Wonderland. It is a kaleidoscope of colours in varying green, blue, purple and pink shades making up flowers, accented with little periwinkle blue butterflies and an ornate golden mirror in the centre, it wouldn't be alice through the looking glass without a mirror! Yes I got excited by the packaging but I have every reason to be.

From pictures I've seen of the palette I knew there was more to the palette than just the iconic eyeshadows so I started working my way in through each layer to get the full effect. The top of the palette opens like the lid on a jewellery box revealing a double door on the inside inscribed with a quote “Im not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours”. This literally sums up my life. The underside of the lid also has a mirror so you can admire yourself wearing your fabulous new shadows. Opening the little double doors reveals a beautiful blue butterfly, whose wings flutter. How awesome! The butterfly sits atop a swirling pattern not unlike a twister, enticing you to come into the whacky world of Wonderland.

Without being completely overwhelmed by excitement, like the excitement a child experiences on christmas morning, I made it into the drawer containing the eyeshadows. Twenty beautiful colours relating to five different characters. The first columns colours are all in relation to the sequels main character, Alice. From the top working down we have looking glass which is a pale pink with a light shimmer, then we have reflection which is more peachy but still has that light shimmer and is almost translucent when applied onto the lid without a paler base colour being applied first. The next colour for Alice is Dormouse which is a shimmery milk chocolate colour with fine glitter throughout and lastly, Metamorphis which is that iconic shade of periwinkle blue of Alice’s dress and by far my favourite Alice colour. The next row along is associated with the Mad Hatter meaning the colours are all very bright and fun. The first is a beautiful emerald green shade with a light shimmer that has benevolently been named Hatter. Next down is gone mad which is a gorgeous dark purple with fine flecks of glitter and is one of my favourite in the palette. The next colour down is an orange colour befitting the Mad Hatters hair and will be perfect for autumn eye looks. The last colour for the Hatter is cake, a dark, shimmery pink that reminds me of satin birthday banners. 

The third quad pays tribute to Mirana, the white queen, represented with neutral colours. The first is lily which is a peachy champagne colour and makes for a perfect base or highlighting shade. The next is Duchess which is an ochre shadow with fine glitter throughout. The last two colours for Mirana are both chocolatey brown colours, Kingdom which is a paler, shimmery brown and chessboard which is a matte milk chocolate brown. The second from last column is for Iracabeth, the queen of hearts. True to her character, the colours are bold and bright. The first in line being heads will roll which is a beautiful turquoise colour. Next up is Bandersnatch which is a dreamy deep blue reminiscent of a night sky. What would a hats off to the queen of hearts be without a red shadow? The answer. Not the queen of hats. No worries the next shade, Salazen Grum is a beautiful reddish brown with just a hint of shimmer. Last in the palette is  Royal Flush which is befitting the flamingos we see the queen use to play croquet. The lat column represents time with its mix of grey, black and dark brown and features Time, Dream On, Chronosphere and mirror.

From left to right: Metamorphosis, Dormouse, Reflection and Looking Glass

From left right: Cake, Paradox, Gone Mad and Hatter

From left to right: Chessboard, Kingdom, Duchess and Lily

From left to right: Royal Flush, Salazen Grum, Bandersnatch and Heads Will Roll

From left to right: Mirror, Chronosphere, Dream On and Time

The shadows themselves, I was a little disappointed in, didn’t live up to Urban Decays quality in terms of strong pigmentation. The colours are fairly sheer. I would recommend using fix plus or white eyeliner underneath to really get the best from the colour. Some of the colours, however are perfect for a quick wash of colour on the eyelids and definitely looks like you have spent much longer than you have getting them perfect.

This Palette is definitely not one suited to everyday use nor one for travelling due to its size but it is every bit the collectors piece and one for your collection. if you can still get your hands on it then definitely do. If you do get your hands on this or have already please let me know what you thought of the palette and the lipsticks too!



Wednesday, 1 June 2016

How Not To Get Ready With Me: Fundraiser Edition

Get Ready With Me: Fundraiser Night

So lately I’ve been fascinated by all the get ready with me videos, depicting the perfect movie star style lives of vloggers waking up with perfect hair and unwrinkled sheets,  the perfect expressions when applying makeup ie. no awkward mascara face while sitting the perfect movie star dressing table. This got me thinking, what would a get ready with me actually look like for a night out. So here’s how my get ready with me looked on Saturday for a fundraising event.


Wake up and spend a good hour mindlessly checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all manner of Social Media I have. Not one thought has yet strayed towards when I need to be ready for, what I’ll be wearing or when I should start preparations.


Now might be a good time to think about going for a shower, no? Okay we’ll just do some blogging, there’s still plenty of time right, I don’t need to be ready till 5. The fundraiser, being for my sister’s trip to Tanzania, is in the house so I don’t need to factor in travelling time or when I should be there. I’ll just appear downstairs when I hear other people. simple. Feeling quite proud of my logical solution of when I should migrate downstairs.


I'll start curling my hair now, it dried half curly so how long can it take to tidy up. 

Okay, so this is taking longer than expected and ouch, that'll be my finger I've just burned...again.




Breathe Lu, you're hair is half done. You can do makeup in 10 right? Time for a well earned break. Like seriously you're halfway there so let's chill and be smug about our organisational skills and impeccable time keeping.


That’s definitely people I hear downstairs. Now would be a good time to give up and just chill or we can try master that pretty eye makeup we seen in a Youtube  video.


This was a mistake.


That didn’t work, let’s try again.


Let’s just stick with the basics. Better. Now to tackle issue number two, lips.


Okay so trying to draw a better top lip is proving difficult. I currently have a big brown squiggle for a lip. Time check, crap! I don’t have time to redraw.

Sporting red, puffy lips. Attractive. In Case of Emergency lipgloss swipe? CHECK!


Black eyes. Check. Puffy lips. Check. Clothes. Hmm, not getting far without those! Okay so I still don’t have an outfit picked out, this blue playsuit thing I have pulled from the drawer will have to do. Thank god I’ve pre done my hair and it will have settled nicely by now.


Ha, no. My hair has its own continent. I look like I’ve travelled back to the 70’s and spent several days perming my hair in a beauty salon or whatever they were called then. Oh my, shake head, bounce and pray that gravity pulls my hair back into place.


More voices, I can be fashionably late, right?


Made it downstairs to a round of applause. Okay so when did I become the star of the evening? Or is it the hair that’s stealing the show…


Wait a minute! I’m deprived of jewellery. Must retrace steps and get some. I’ll only be a minute, no-one will notice I’m gone.


Fab. I can’t find my bracelet. A ring will totally make do.


I did it, I’m ready and downstairs and mingling. Result. Let's just hope that no-one notices my shoes haven't quite made it onto my feet.


…And breathe. Lipgloss is gone, so much for being on your application game with that gloss you’ve carried about all night and eyeliner is now on bottom of my eyes and oh, there goes an eyelash. Meh, I had fun and that’s what counts, right?

(Side note: Yes my timings are approximate, there was no way I would be writing down every event in my timeline or people would start to look at me funny)

Obviously not the most glamorous of get ready with me’s but hey, nobody’s perfect :)


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