Monday 20 June 2016

Do you know what a unicorn eats?

Coconut is a big player in the beauty industry, you can lather it up in your favourite fruit shampoo or moisturise with a moisturiser featuring coconut milk or oil but who’s complaining, coconut is fantastic. With all the coconut infused products out there it’s a surprise that it hasn’t found its way into your favourite nail polish yet. Well that was until now. Barry M have launched a range of 9 nail polishes infused with a blend of coconut water and coconut oil that promise to hydrate and restore your nails while giving you a glossy gel coat of colour to your nails, I can’t think of a better quick fix for my nails so of course I had to give them a try.

As I mentioned there are 9 colours but as of yet I have only tried three of these and they are the cutest pastel shades perfect for summer and are all named after things you'd associate with summer. It is encouraged not to apply a base coat when wearing these, scary I know, this would be a complete deal breaker for darker polishes but all 9 colours in the range have a lovely pastel or milky shade. Some of the colours are quite pale and definitely not suited to my Scottish skin, but with a suntan these colours will leave your nails rocking.


From the ones I have tried Laguna is definitely a favourite but bikini is certainly up there and who knows after my trip in the summer one of the lovely milk colours could be a favourite. 

(Ps, do excuse my pathetic excuse for nails, they're shameful, I know and my bad waiting, trying to paint and remove three colours as quick is possible is not fun)

All of the polishes in the range from L-R: Flamingo, Bikini, Aloha, Laguna, Skinny Dip, Starfish, Sunkissed, Surfboard and Tiki Hut



These polishes definitely do leave my nails feeling hydrated and moistures and I would definitely recommend going out and grabbing some, they really are the perfect summer colour. 



  1. That Laguna one looks so pretty! I think I'm going to check these out very soon, they're so adorable!

    <3: Jasmin N
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  2. I cant wait to buy these nail polishes soon! :)

  3. I love the Laguna color. How cool that they're using coconut !

    1. It is amazing that they're using coconut, coconut is my absolute fave<3



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