Friday 2 December 2016

How many people can put their hand up and say they struggle buying gifts for people at Christmas? Who can say that Secret Santa’s are the hardest to buy for, being on a restricted budget and usually with a limited knowledge of the recipients likes and dislikes. Not to worry though, I have put together a guide to what I think makes a good Secret Santa gift.
The office Secret Santa recipient is one of the trickiest people to buy , they are the one you don’t talk to often enough or have personal conversations to know what they personally like. For this person I like to stick to the basics, a bottle of wine or chocolates, maybe a nice candle or a scarf. If you want to be a little more personal take a look at what your colleague keeps on their desk. Do they have hand moisturiser? Do they wear gloves or a hat to work? Looking to see what they bring to work is a good indicator as to something you know they will get use out of. 
Below is a list of some of my favourite Secret Santa gifts I have found: 

The Chocolate Company Milk Chocolate Stirrer-John Lewis £3
Cowshed Wreath Cracker Skincare Set-John Lewis £10
Alphabet Filled Scented Candle-Next £4
It’s Skin Macaron Lip Balm-£6
Happy Plugs Earbud Headphones-Urban Outfitters £15
Winter Luxury Collection Diffuser-Next £20
Moose Sock in a Box- Next £6
Happy Jackson Vodka Water Bottle- John Lewis £6
Moonstone Glow on the Go by Becca- Cult Beauty £20
Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Party Eyes- House of Fraser £20
Desktop Ping Pong- Asos £6
Sardonyx Fire Hand Git Set- & Other Stories £15
Boot Socks in Gift Box- Asos £10
Marvel Heat Change Mug- Asos £8

Luisa xo


  1. Great tips! I feel like you can never go wrong with these that you suggested :)

  2. Such a good post! I need to buy a secret santa gift and now i have a few more ideas so thanks! Xx

  3. These are so wonderful tips! I might be a secret santa for myself & get a few of those candles haha :D

    ~ Jasmin N

  4. This is a great suggestion! It's not always easy to find the perfect gift :)

  5. I've got a couple of secret santas this year so thanks for your post, I don't think you can go wrong with a candle or a sock set :)

    The Life of Dee

  6. Great suggestions, i am bad at buying gifts,so this will help xo

  7. Great tips! I would go for Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Party Eyes and the candles! Helene/



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