Saturday, 30 July 2016

Confessions of a Self Confessed Lipstick Hoarder Volume III

So if you’ve been keeping up with my social media posts then you’ll know of my love of lipsticks, more like a full blown obsession. It’s the last product that goes on your face before you feel done, its that bold burst of colour or shy sweep of gloss that make your lips go wow. There’s such a variety of shades and textures and finishes that it can become overwhelming. With this in mind I thought I’d share a few of my favourites with you every month, reviewing lipsticks I've recently purchased and sharing my thoughts.

While you enjoy this months favourites I should have been sitting poolside in Menorca, cold drink in hand and soaking up the sunshine but thanks to broken wifi and a missing suitcase this post is slightly late, i do apologise!  I thought I’d keep this months favourites fitting with a summer theme. My favourite summer lipsticks.

First up to the plate is a fairly new one in the collection. It is part of the 15th anniversary collection designed by Kate Moss. Muse is a beautiful warm toned red that is perfect for a summer lippie and goes great with a tan. The formula is so buttery and moisturising and keeps my lips hydrated all day. The only downside is as its so buttery, the lipstick slides and I often find myself wiping it off of my teeth. All hail the blotting sheet for removing the excess.

Next up is a new find from Revlon and are part of their Ultra HD Matte Lip Color collection. I picked up the shade flirtation which is a fairly bright pink but quite barbie pink, it’s more of a bright coral. Although this is a matte lipstick I find that the formula doesn't dry completely matte but this is definitely not something to be put off by as the formula is really light on the lips and smells amazing, it has a really sweet scent. It is also long wearing and has great colour payoff. Another plus on my lazy girl guide to makeup.

A recent purchase which just screams summer is Maybelline's Vivid Matte lipstick the shade 'One Last Tango'. It is a beautiful bright reddish orange. Despite the name it definitely isn't a made shade, it has a beautiful glossy finish which I think suits such a bright colour. As its such a bright colour I do think your skin needs a slight tan to be able to pull it off. It does have incredible staying power though, lasting through dinner and most of the evening without smudging or needing to be touched up.

The last colour I have to share at the moment is NYX’s liquid suede lipstick in Tea and Cookies. It is a mauve pink colour that can really be worn all year round. This lipstick isn’t too dark or too bright making it the perfect everyday lipstick, perfect for wearing about during the day and for dressing up at night. It has a velvety smooth texture and is super light to wear. It also has amazing hold power, I can wear for several hours without the need for a top up.
I have picked these colours with summer in mind. I don’t really wear a lot of makeup when I’m somewhere sunny, some eye makeup and a swipe of gloss or lipstick to give my face some colour and tis selection of lipsticks certainly give that holiday pop.



Friday, 22 July 2016

Product Review: Nivea In shower After Sun

I love holidays. I love the heat. I love being in the pool. I love relaxing. I just wish that our bodies had a built in UV protector that stopped us from having to wear suncream/aftersun. I hate putting either on so when I realised that the Nivea Sunshine bag I had bought contained in shower aftersun, I was ecstatic! One less product I had to apply and hate.

What is it?
Nivea’s in shower aftersun is exactly what the label says. Rather than stepping out the shower, drying off and then applying aftersun you apply while still in the shower and rinse it off. Yes, you ready that right, you rinse. The cream is quickly absorbed into wet skin so there is no need to leave on the excess. You simply wash and cleanse as normal, rub in your aftersun, rinse and go. It is my idea of heaven.

My thoughts on using the product?

I felt it was quite slimy to apply, but then thats to be expected using a wet cream product. It was strange to wash off but left my skin feeling cool and moisturised. One thing i didn’t like was the smell, after coming out of the shower you are left with residue from the product on your skin and you can smell it. However a quick spray of perfume and it is gone.

Would I recommend?

Yes. 100% yes. This product is great, especially if your a moisturiser hater like me, the product is perfect as you can incorporate it into your usual shower routine and don’t have to deal with the yucky feeling as the product is absorbed. They also do an everyday in shower moisturiser which I can’t wait to try.

Have you used this product? Would you use something similar? Let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Sunday, 17 July 2016

I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice-cream!

Holidays are here, woohoo. I’m off to Menorca tomorrow and I’m now getting organised for a week long trip in the sun, my skins looking forward to all that vitamin D. As much as I love holidays and the sun, I hate packing and trying to get everything organised for gong away. Seriously guys, everything has been in and out of my case several times and I’m still not convinced it’s all there! On a better note I do quite enjoy getting my carry on luggage organised, it’s not just that bag you stuff full of things you can’t fit in your suitcase, it’s full of the things that are going to keep you entertained in the airport and on the flight, yes that's pretty important!

I like to keep my hand luggage fairly simple and this trip is no exception. Initially I was taking my faithful Michael Kors travel tote but I have a new love which I jus have to take, my little Kurt Geiger beauty. Its a perfect size for travelling, it’s small enough that it won’t take up loads of room but big enough to fit the essentials.

So here’s what I actually take with me, my travel essentials. First up to bat is my headphones and phone. There’s no way I’m going anywhere without access to my iTunes library, I need music in my life. Headphones also serve the handy purpose of being noise blockers in case you fancy a siesta on the flight(highly doubtful, but a girl can dream).

Next up is a few makeup bits, I won’t kid you on and  say I come off the plane with a flawless face but I do like to at least have the essentials. Despite the fact I’ll be wearing sunglasses, my eyes feel naked without a coat of mascara and the perfect cat flick so I plan on taking Scandaleyes by Rimmel London and Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara. I do also like to take a lipstick or gloss, just something neutral for a little colour. Although I'm still undecided i’ll probably end up grabbing my classic M.A.C Velvet Teddy or Stoned Rose by Charlotte Tilbury (this lipstick is my love).  And then to make my masterpiece I’ll be wearing my sunglasses, well I will once I step outside that is and hide ten minutes worth of effort. I don’t want to be blinded do I?

I have a majorly short attention span so I will also need a book or two to take on the plane, I usually grab a few of my favourites and purchase whichever book WH Smith are promoting in the airport, which I have to say are generally quite good! Harry Potter is a must as a book for not only the plane but for reading while at the pool, then again HP is required for almost any occasion. I have also dug out my battered copy of A Time Travellers Wife, it is one of my favourite books and was first purchased when going on a holiday, meaning it’s a tradition to take it. Joining the books will be a few magazines, a copy of Elle and Closer perhaps.

Other than my passport and other travel documents there’s not really a whole lot I pack in my carry on unless you want to count the Starbucks and other bits I pick up in the airport like some snacks as plane food is just yuck! 

Looking at this I actually travel pretty light for a trip, well for a relatively short trip, for a longer trip then there definitely will be a few more flight essentials in there! Do you have any flight essentials? Is there anything you recommend I take on a flight? If you do please let me know.



Monday, 11 July 2016

Whoever Said Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness Didn’t Know Where To Shop….

It’s July which means the holiday countdown has started, 12 days and counting! Holidays are fast approaching which can only mean one thing…SHOPPING. In light of bikini season I have done a huge shopping haul, primarily ASOS which you guys on twitter said you wanted to see, so here it is.

I haven’t been anywhere sunny since 2014 (yes I now have creepy vampire skin) so I was in need of a full holiday wardrobe from shoes to floaty dresses that keep you cool and oh my, that is a lot of shopping even for me. A couple of months back House of Frasers had a recognition event on so naturally I went shoe crazy.  I bought two pairs of sandals and a pair of trainers which i decided I would find an outfit to match later, shoes are more important, right? Anyway I bought some shoes and a fabulous pair of sunglasses which you can see if you check out my Instagram. They are a fabulous pair of Bluey Green aviators by Rayban and words honestly can’t do them justice, go check them out! 

This month I then went a bit Asos mad and bought a lot, take a look below!

All clothing pictures are from the Asos website, these models definitely show off these outfits better than myself.
This first group of images is a few different things for wearing at night time while I'm away, all lose fitting and floaty as it's currently 31 degrees in Menorca!

 This is again mostly night things except for the stripey t-shirt which is a possible travelling top (I/m a leggings and t-shirt kind of traveller). The playsuit is a cute coverup for during the day.

Have you spotted the lack of organisation in the pictures yet? Oops! In this image is some cute pyjamas, a lovely skirt to go with some of the above tops and another possible travelling top. I remain undecided.

It wouldn’t be a holiday without sunglasses, my current faves are these Rayban glasses and a cute pair from River Island that i picked up in the sale. I also have a couple of pairs of shorts, whether they are for day or night is a problem I have yet to address.

The last purchases in my holiday haul are shoes, it wouldn’t be much of a haul if some shoes didn’t find their way into my possession. Do shoes really need an explanation? They pretty much speak for themselves.

That's everything in my holiday haul, I'll likely pick up another couple of bits before I go but this is everything for now. I hope you enjoyed seeing my holiday buys and I look forward to reading about all of your holiday wears.


Sunday, 10 July 2016

ready, set, BROW!

How many of us can put up our hands and say we see something we like the look of buy don’t buy incase we don’t like it? It happens often, especially when it comes to a beauty product or a new perfume. A quick spray of a fragrance tester or trying a product on the back of your hand never gives a true representation of the product. Is there a way to properly try out a product before we commit to purchasing it? Why yes, there is. Magazine samples. 

Many of the big fashion and beauty magazines often come with samples of new products or products that are soon to be launched, allowing the reader to properly try the product before purchasing it at full size. In this months copy of Marie Claire was Benefits ready, set, BROW! eyebrow gel. 

A brow gel is not something that I would normally pick up but like with most things I was prepared to give it a go. What is ready, set, Brow! you say? Well it is a clear brow gel that shapes & tames brows and locks on makeup so brows don’t melt away. The dual-sided wand coats hairs from root to tip and the flexible, flake-free formula is easy to apply and quick to dry and is said to last for 24 hours.

Naturally I had to put its staying power to the test. Initially I was just going to apply alongside my normal makeup and see how I got on during the day but where is the fun in that. Instead I did my eyebrows before bed (makeup to bed, gross I know) and coated them with the gel. I’m not a still sleeper, I toss and turn a lot meaning that I can truly test the staying power of the brow product. I went to bed with flawless brows and when I woke up, well they weren’t flawless as they were when I went to bed but they were still pretty defined and the hairs still I'm place. I did also to the traditional test to see how my brows would fare during the day and am happy to report my brows did’t budge despite being subject to lot’s of rain.

So is ready, set, BROW! a success? Definitely, my brows lasted all day (and night) and looked fab. The only downside I have is that the gel feels weird when first applied and smells funny but for the result, it is certainly worth it.



Sunday, 3 July 2016

What I've Been Loving in June...

Okay so June has finished, yeesht we’re already halfway through the year. Scary! At this time of the month bloggers and vloggers alike upload posts and videos about what they have been loving throughout the month and I love to check them out! I love seeing what others are using, it gives me an opportunity to look for something new or exciting to try/do and I thought, why not share what I was loving this month with you guys. Here is it, my June favourites. Enjoy!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Mink: I have been reaching for this lippy a lot this month. It is a creamy brown that makes your lips pop. It’s such an easy lipstick to apply and leaves your lips looking and feeling hydrated. You can check out a full review of this product HERE.

Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighter: This is my holy grail highlighter and is definitely a favourite every month. It is a gorgeous little mirrored compact with a champagne and peachy pink highlighting duo. I love blending the peachy colour in with my blusher for a perfectly shimmery pop of colour on my cheek. I do love to sparkle.

Lush Bubblegum LIP Scrub: I used to use this product all the time but have only recently picked it up again. Seriously though, why did I even put it down, it’s bright pink and smells like bubblegum, win! It’s excellent for removing that dry, top layer of skin on your lips leaving them smooth and shiny.

Garnier Micellar Water: I have been using this product for the past few years and to be honest is the only product I consistently use as part of my skincare routine, I am really lazy when it comes to skincare. I love this product. I can use this product on its own or after having washed my face and it still picks up dirt and gunk that normal washing doesn’t. My skin feels nourished and awake after using this and even better, it only takes a couple of minutes to use, perfect for my lazy girl attitude.

Turquoise Glitter Converse: Sparkly, green mermaid shoes. Need I say more?

The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory: I picked up this book after a trip to Edinburgh Castle in May and have been reading it on the train on the way to work. It is a fantastic novel capturing Mary Queen of Scots time in imprisonment in England and is based on facts and also the authors imagination and understanding of the time. It is an excellent read.

Rowntree Randoms: Is it really a favourites post without some sort of food? This month I’ve been loving these sweeties. They are a mix of foamy and gummy sweets and some of the gummies have a liquid centre, definitely one to try!

What have you guys been loving this month? Do you have any recommendations for me to try in July?


Saturday, 2 July 2016

Super Scrummy Caramel Cupcakes

I love cupcakes. I love baking them and I love to eat them but then who doesn’t like to eat them. One of my favourite cakes to make are my caramel cupcakes. When I first made these, they were a complete experiment right down to what flavour they were going to be and how they were going to look. Generally I don't follow a recipe,I just chuck things into the bowl and hope they're edible and usually let family and friends try them out first. With these little bites of deliciousness I use a mix of caramel extract to homemade caramel drizzle to get the perfect golden sweet treat.
For this cake I started with a basic cupcake recipe mixing flour, eggs, caster sugar and butter but rather than adding vanilla extract I added 3tsp caramel extract, one more than what the bottle said but I wanted a lovely buttery caramel taste. I popped these little guys in the oven and set to work on a buttercream.

I had decided by this point that the cakes were going to be a caramel explosion so I made a quick caramel sauce. This took a few attempts as no-one told me you should use a heavy based pan so I may have burned it once or twice, oops. I also made a caramel buttercream, mixing some of the caramel extract in to my normal buttercream mix.  

By this point the cakes were making me think of summer with their sugary sweetness so when I pulled everything together I was thinking of ice cream. Using a star tip, I swirled the buttercream high like a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled over some of the caramel sauce. I also squirted some of the sauce into the cake for a gooey surprise for the eater.  I decorated the cakes with toffee cubes and a chunk of Caramac and voila, a scrummy caramel cupcake. Yum!


For the cakes:

4oz Self Raising Flour
4oz Caster Sugar
4oz Butter
3 eggs
2-3 drops of Caramel Extract

For the Caramel:

250g Caster Sugar
142ml Pot of Double Cream
40g Butter

For the Buttercream:

500g Icing Sugar
250g butter (unsalted)
2-3 drops of Caramel Extract


Beat butter and sugar in a bowl until light and fluffy. Gentry mix in eggs, flour and caramel extract until fluffy and there are no lumps. Evenly distribute cake mix into cases your choice and bake at gas mark 4 for 15/20 minutes or until light and fluffy.

While your cakes are in the oven make the caramel sauce. Add 4tbsp water to sugar which has been tipped into a heavy base pan, this is important as the caramel will burnin a lighter pan. Put on to a medium heat and allow sugar to melt. Then turn up the heat and bubble for 4-5 mins until you have caramel. Take off the heat, then carefully stir in the cream and butter. Leave the sauce to cool, then tip into a squeezy bottle.

For the buttercream beat butter until pale in colour and fluffy. Gradually add in icing sugar and caramel extract and add a little milk if necessary so that you have a perfectly pipeable consistency. 

After your cakes are cool, pipe your buttercream using a star nozzle for that mr whip ice cream look and decorate any way you want. 




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