Friday 22 July 2016

Product Review: Nivea In shower After Sun

I love holidays. I love the heat. I love being in the pool. I love relaxing. I just wish that our bodies had a built in UV protector that stopped us from having to wear suncream/aftersun. I hate putting either on so when I realised that the Nivea Sunshine bag I had bought contained in shower aftersun, I was ecstatic! One less product I had to apply and hate.

What is it?
Nivea’s in shower aftersun is exactly what the label says. Rather than stepping out the shower, drying off and then applying aftersun you apply while still in the shower and rinse it off. Yes, you ready that right, you rinse. The cream is quickly absorbed into wet skin so there is no need to leave on the excess. You simply wash and cleanse as normal, rub in your aftersun, rinse and go. It is my idea of heaven.

My thoughts on using the product?

I felt it was quite slimy to apply, but then thats to be expected using a wet cream product. It was strange to wash off but left my skin feeling cool and moisturised. One thing i didn’t like was the smell, after coming out of the shower you are left with residue from the product on your skin and you can smell it. However a quick spray of perfume and it is gone.

Would I recommend?

Yes. 100% yes. This product is great, especially if your a moisturiser hater like me, the product is perfect as you can incorporate it into your usual shower routine and don’t have to deal with the yucky feeling as the product is absorbed. They also do an everyday in shower moisturiser which I can’t wait to try.

Have you used this product? Would you use something similar? Let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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