Sunday 5 June 2016

Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast...

Okay, I admit I was totally oblivious about the new Urban Decay palette until about a week ago when I seen in House of Frasers and getting my hands on one has been an obsession since. Like seriously, why wouldn’t I dedicate my time to scouring the internet for a palette inspired Disney and produced by one of my favourite brands. I finally have one and oh my, it’s everything I thought it would be and more.

The packaging screams Alice in Wonderland. It is a kaleidoscope of colours in varying green, blue, purple and pink shades making up flowers, accented with little periwinkle blue butterflies and an ornate golden mirror in the centre, it wouldn't be alice through the looking glass without a mirror! Yes I got excited by the packaging but I have every reason to be.

From pictures I've seen of the palette I knew there was more to the palette than just the iconic eyeshadows so I started working my way in through each layer to get the full effect. The top of the palette opens like the lid on a jewellery box revealing a double door on the inside inscribed with a quote “Im not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours”. This literally sums up my life. The underside of the lid also has a mirror so you can admire yourself wearing your fabulous new shadows. Opening the little double doors reveals a beautiful blue butterfly, whose wings flutter. How awesome! The butterfly sits atop a swirling pattern not unlike a twister, enticing you to come into the whacky world of Wonderland.

Without being completely overwhelmed by excitement, like the excitement a child experiences on christmas morning, I made it into the drawer containing the eyeshadows. Twenty beautiful colours relating to five different characters. The first columns colours are all in relation to the sequels main character, Alice. From the top working down we have looking glass which is a pale pink with a light shimmer, then we have reflection which is more peachy but still has that light shimmer and is almost translucent when applied onto the lid without a paler base colour being applied first. The next colour for Alice is Dormouse which is a shimmery milk chocolate colour with fine glitter throughout and lastly, Metamorphis which is that iconic shade of periwinkle blue of Alice’s dress and by far my favourite Alice colour. The next row along is associated with the Mad Hatter meaning the colours are all very bright and fun. The first is a beautiful emerald green shade with a light shimmer that has benevolently been named Hatter. Next down is gone mad which is a gorgeous dark purple with fine flecks of glitter and is one of my favourite in the palette. The next colour down is an orange colour befitting the Mad Hatters hair and will be perfect for autumn eye looks. The last colour for the Hatter is cake, a dark, shimmery pink that reminds me of satin birthday banners. 

The third quad pays tribute to Mirana, the white queen, represented with neutral colours. The first is lily which is a peachy champagne colour and makes for a perfect base or highlighting shade. The next is Duchess which is an ochre shadow with fine glitter throughout. The last two colours for Mirana are both chocolatey brown colours, Kingdom which is a paler, shimmery brown and chessboard which is a matte milk chocolate brown. The second from last column is for Iracabeth, the queen of hearts. True to her character, the colours are bold and bright. The first in line being heads will roll which is a beautiful turquoise colour. Next up is Bandersnatch which is a dreamy deep blue reminiscent of a night sky. What would a hats off to the queen of hearts be without a red shadow? The answer. Not the queen of hats. No worries the next shade, Salazen Grum is a beautiful reddish brown with just a hint of shimmer. Last in the palette is  Royal Flush which is befitting the flamingos we see the queen use to play croquet. The lat column represents time with its mix of grey, black and dark brown and features Time, Dream On, Chronosphere and mirror.

From left to right: Metamorphosis, Dormouse, Reflection and Looking Glass

From left right: Cake, Paradox, Gone Mad and Hatter

From left to right: Chessboard, Kingdom, Duchess and Lily

From left to right: Royal Flush, Salazen Grum, Bandersnatch and Heads Will Roll

From left to right: Mirror, Chronosphere, Dream On and Time

The shadows themselves, I was a little disappointed in, didn’t live up to Urban Decays quality in terms of strong pigmentation. The colours are fairly sheer. I would recommend using fix plus or white eyeliner underneath to really get the best from the colour. Some of the colours, however are perfect for a quick wash of colour on the eyelids and definitely looks like you have spent much longer than you have getting them perfect.

This Palette is definitely not one suited to everyday use nor one for travelling due to its size but it is every bit the collectors piece and one for your collection. if you can still get your hands on it then definitely do. If you do get your hands on this or have already please let me know what you thought of the palette and the lipsticks too!




  1. Aw shame about the low pigment! That turqoise/teal is divine! I immediately imagined the Red Queen's make up. That packaging is amazing though!


  2. Such gorgeous palette and i really adore the color. Its perfect for spring/summer make-up touch.

    Kintan xox I

  3. Awesome pallete, package itself looks awesome! some of it can certainly be used daily i suppose

  4. Thanks for the honest review. I would love to try this palette!

  5. This palette looks amazing! Oh my, I think I'm going to need it in my life haha :D

    ~ Jasmin N

  6. I loved the look of this palette when it was first released. It is quite bulky and I so I didn't bother trying to get it to myself here in NZ but I am glad you are loving it. The colours are gorgeous.

  7. There are a lot of things here that I like. My daughter would be into the makeup but I love the packaging. I can understand why you would be so excited.

  8. This palette is gorgeous! So many amazing colors!I would use it in my everyday makeup thought!

  9. Ooh, I've always wanted to buy this palette and I would really love to thank you for your honest review. :)



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