Wednesday 1 June 2016

How Not To Get Ready With Me: Fundraiser Edition

Get Ready With Me: Fundraiser Night

So lately I’ve been fascinated by all the get ready with me videos, depicting the perfect movie star style lives of vloggers waking up with perfect hair and unwrinkled sheets,  the perfect expressions when applying makeup ie. no awkward mascara face while sitting the perfect movie star dressing table. This got me thinking, what would a get ready with me actually look like for a night out. So here’s how my get ready with me looked on Saturday for a fundraising event.


Wake up and spend a good hour mindlessly checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all manner of Social Media I have. Not one thought has yet strayed towards when I need to be ready for, what I’ll be wearing or when I should start preparations.


Now might be a good time to think about going for a shower, no? Okay we’ll just do some blogging, there’s still plenty of time right, I don’t need to be ready till 5. The fundraiser, being for my sister’s trip to Tanzania, is in the house so I don’t need to factor in travelling time or when I should be there. I’ll just appear downstairs when I hear other people. simple. Feeling quite proud of my logical solution of when I should migrate downstairs.


I'll start curling my hair now, it dried half curly so how long can it take to tidy up. 

Okay, so this is taking longer than expected and ouch, that'll be my finger I've just burned...again.




Breathe Lu, you're hair is half done. You can do makeup in 10 right? Time for a well earned break. Like seriously you're halfway there so let's chill and be smug about our organisational skills and impeccable time keeping.


That’s definitely people I hear downstairs. Now would be a good time to give up and just chill or we can try master that pretty eye makeup we seen in a Youtube  video.


This was a mistake.


That didn’t work, let’s try again.


Let’s just stick with the basics. Better. Now to tackle issue number two, lips.


Okay so trying to draw a better top lip is proving difficult. I currently have a big brown squiggle for a lip. Time check, crap! I don’t have time to redraw.

Sporting red, puffy lips. Attractive. In Case of Emergency lipgloss swipe? CHECK!


Black eyes. Check. Puffy lips. Check. Clothes. Hmm, not getting far without those! Okay so I still don’t have an outfit picked out, this blue playsuit thing I have pulled from the drawer will have to do. Thank god I’ve pre done my hair and it will have settled nicely by now.


Ha, no. My hair has its own continent. I look like I’ve travelled back to the 70’s and spent several days perming my hair in a beauty salon or whatever they were called then. Oh my, shake head, bounce and pray that gravity pulls my hair back into place.


More voices, I can be fashionably late, right?


Made it downstairs to a round of applause. Okay so when did I become the star of the evening? Or is it the hair that’s stealing the show…


Wait a minute! I’m deprived of jewellery. Must retrace steps and get some. I’ll only be a minute, no-one will notice I’m gone.


Fab. I can’t find my bracelet. A ring will totally make do.


I did it, I’m ready and downstairs and mingling. Result. Let's just hope that no-one notices my shoes haven't quite made it onto my feet.


…And breathe. Lipgloss is gone, so much for being on your application game with that gloss you’ve carried about all night and eyeliner is now on bottom of my eyes and oh, there goes an eyelash. Meh, I had fun and that’s what counts, right?

(Side note: Yes my timings are approximate, there was no way I would be writing down every event in my timeline or people would start to look at me funny)

Obviously not the most glamorous of get ready with me’s but hey, nobody’s perfect :)


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