Monday 30 May 2016

Office Bleak to Happy Hour Chic with T.M Lewin

How many of us find ourselves sitting in the office on a Friday afternoon thinking of winding down with a trip to the pub or a few cocktails with colleagues. Then again how many of us can raise a hand and say they can transition from workwear to casual dress without going home for a complete outfit change? A simpler solution, changing a few key elements of our daily wardrobe to take them  from office sharp to happy hour chic.

Nude Court shoes by Kurt Keiger
Navy Jacket by Linea
Bag by Vivienne Westwood
Lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury

Black Shoes by Miss KG
Black Bag by Vivienne Westwood
Necklace by oasis
Leather Jacket by River Island
Lipstick by YSL

An easy transition for women would be to keep our day dress and change up the accessories and I believe the look above is a perfect example. I have chosen to keep the dress and replace the shoes, makeup and add new accessories and a jacket to change up the look. The addition of the leather jacket takes this very formal dress to a casual going out look. The lipstick is a bright bold colour that really makes you stand out and makes you feel relaxed and removes your thinking from the more reserved workplace. The addition of a statement necklace and detailed shoes allow you to completely transform the look.

While this seems quite easy to do, the transition from day to night can be a lot tougher for a male, but I think this next example is an excellent way to achieve this. These suits, part of T.M Lewin’s collection are smart and sophisticated but are very stylish making it perfect for both, the working environment and and a less formal occasion. T.M Lewin really do have a fabulous collection of suits perfect for work, formal occasions and more casual events, you really will be spoiled for choice! 
Satchel by The Cambridge Satchel Company
Silver watch by Gucci

Silver Watch by Gucci
Aviators by Rayban 
Pea Coat by Topman

For the perfect transition, I have chosen again to keep the suit as it works really well in both environments. Instead of shoes which are very formal, I have chose to swap in a pair of chelsea boots from the range at T.M Lewin, they still work really well with the suit but allow for a more casual feel. I would also remove the suit jacket in favour of a peacoat as this is definitely the more informal choice. 
Although the transition from everyday bleak to happy hour chic can be hard, T.M Lewin definitely hold the key to creating the perfect look. How would you change up your look to make it pub ready? Please do let me know.


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