Wednesday 15 June 2016

Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can…

Wow this year is going in fast, I can’t believe we are already in June or have I stepped in a time machine? Either way I am so excited, it is only 98 days until I head off to the big apple, we’re down to double digits. Okay so it may seem like it’s a while of but really it’s not. It feels like only yesterday we got confirmation that NY had been booked for the second time. 

I know what you’re thinking, you’ve done it, what’s so exciting about doing it again but the truth is there’s just so much New York to do. I seriously think I could move there and could see something new everyday for a year before I could happily say I’ve seen it all. Last time around we went at the end of October and the weather just wasn’t on our side, it was pretty chilly and rained on our last couple of days so we missed out on doing a lot of tourist things like looking at the skyline from the top of the rock and climbing up the Empire State building. We did however see a lot of Times Square and Central park, as we passed through often getting from A to B and we went on one of the sightseeing bus tours, sitting up top in the rain. 

Did I mention the shopping? 

I honestly don’t think I’ve seen so many fabulous shops, world known and unique to the U.S. There was no way I was getting round every one of them, not that my bank balance would allow it. I could have spent days waltzing in and out of every shop on 5th and Madison Avenue until I dropped. The expression ‘shop to you drop’ is totally justifiable in NY. Unfortunately this time round we only have 4 days to see and do everything but I have a plan. I plan on making a list of everything I want to do and the plausibility of being able to do it and I have a better idea of how the grid system works so won’t end up walking around aimlessly trying to navigate my way.
On said list is:
  • Grand central Station
  • The Statue of Liberty
  • Empire State Building
  • Top of the Rock
  • The Highline
  • All of the shopping
  • Ellen’s Stardust Diner
  • The New York Library ( I need to see the Winnie the Pooh Collection)
  • A Broadway show-Last year we went to see Wicked, my all time favourite show, I’m hoping Peter Pan is still on Broadway.

These are only a few of the things I’ve got planned but being from the Uk there’s definitely a lot of less touristy places that I’m unaware of but would love to visit, I want to do what New Yorkers do so if you have any suggestions please let me know, I would love some suggestions.




  1. That is one of my dream destinations! You're so lucky that you will get to go there.

  2. Wow, I know the feeling! I've never been to New York, but I just got back from Milan, Italy and there were fashion shops everywhere! I wasn't even able to visit them all, but I chose a few and did my fair share of shopping :)

    Elena |

  3. New York is always a fantastic idea no matter what anybody says!💙🌃

    <3: Jasmin N

  4. I once wanted to work in NYC, but after visiting, I realized I'd never get anything done; there's just too much to do!

  5. Loved your list of to-dos, NY is still on my bucket list!

  6. Love your post title! Life has so many opportunities (including ones that happen before you go away!) have a lovely trip :) xo



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