Sunday, 10 September 2017

Bilou Creamy Shower Foam Product Review

So you may or may not have heard of German YouTuber Bibi from BibisBeautyPalace but recently, well in November last year, she brought out a range of shower products. Recently these products have made their way over the pond and are now available the U.K, exclusively at Superdrug (click to be taken to the Superdrug website), so of course I had to pick some up.

The range consists of three different products including shower foam, foam lotion and body spray in some exciting flavours Fizzy Berry, Coco Cocktail, Cotton Candy, Pink Melon and Tasty Donut. I know they sound amazing already. I picked up the shower foam in Coco Cocktail which is supposed to smell like a tropical paradise with coconut and madagascan vanilla notes and Pink Melon which is described as smelling of juicy melons and fruity raspberries-sweet summertime!

Coco Cocktail smells exactly as described, a tropical paradise. When I smelled this I was whisked away on a tropical summers holiday sitting by the pool sipping cocktails from a coconut. Heaven. Upon lathering into the skin the smell dulls but does leave a subtle coconut smell on the skin for hours after showering.

Pink Melon reminds me of Watermelon Candies from America, very sweet and sugary. Another awesome summery scent. Much like Coco Cocktail, the smell of this shower foam dilutes when lathering up in the shower. I think it smells much nicer while still in the can.

I was intrigued by a shower foam, how does it work? The best way I can describe it is like a shaving cream. You have to shake the can vigorously before hitting the pump and being greeted by a fluffy white cloud of product. The Bilou foam felt amazing as I lathered it into the skin, keeping its foaminess but dissolving slightly into a milk. Dare I say that you could always double up and use this as a shaving foam too, perfect for those of you who don't want your bathrooms lined with lots of different products.

To round up my thoughts I really do like both of these shower foams although I do think they are all very summery scents, I’m hoping for some more seasonal scents for the coming months. I like the cute packaging and the innovative style of the product. It is something I would definitely recommend. 

Have you tried any Bilou products? Are there more variations where you live? Be sure to let me know below

Luisa xo


  1. No way these are so adorable! Fell in love the way they look. I haven't heard about the brand before but I'd like to try these out😍

  2. I've seen many bloggers and youtubers talk about these recently... the packaging is super cute!!


  3. They look fantastic and yes, they might smell like summer but if they do their work that it's ok. But they are only at Superdrug so i don't think i ll have the chance to try them. Great presentation Luisa!

  4. Those do look really great products. I have never tried any bath gels or foams from them before so I don't know much about them but the scents they use are scents I like in other products.

  5. The package is really cool an bright! I love it. I think they are a big hype at the moment!

  6. I've heard these being raved about in many blogs - and I can see why. What cute packaging too!
    Katja xxx

  7. Haven't heard of this but the packaging looks so lovely...would get my attention



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