Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Makeup Revolution Highlighting Palette Review

If you have ever been privy to my makeup collection then you'll know I have a fair number of highlighters, from my favourite Too Faced Candlelight glow to a beautiful peachy one from MUA.  Recently I added a new one to the collection that I thought I’d share with you.

On a daily lunchtime trip to Superdrug recently I purchased the Highlighting powder palette from Makeup Revolution. This is a 3 powder palette in beautiful shades. The palette comes in a sleek, glossy black package with the branding embossed on the front in rose gold, matching the rose gold outer box. Inside is a huge mirror on one side and the three highlighters on the other. 

When I bought this palette I can honestly say that I did purely for the pinkish gold shade, I am a bit of a rose gold fiend. These highlighters are so buttery in consistency and apply and blend like a dream. Although incredibly pigmented they still apply subtly thanks to being so finely milled and can be built up for a more prominent glow. 

Like I said I originally bought the palette for the rose gold shade which is the perfect everyday highlighter. I always wear a pinkish blusher, usually my Nars Orgasm so applying this directly above allows for the two to blend seamlessly. The first shade in the palette is a yellowy gold colour with flecks of gold sparkle and is one i love to use for highlighting the bridge of my nose, brow bone and cupids bow as it is much brighter than the rose gold shade. Lastly is a pale purple highlighter which goes on almost silver but for weeks after buying, I looked at this shade and thought where am I going to use a purple highlighter. After a little experiment I have found it makes a beautiful inner eye highlight that really makes your eyes pop. I use it both with and without eye makeup to really lighten up my eyes.

Overall I’m super impressed with this palette especially since it was only £8 and is one I will definitely be using over and over. Being a highlighter enthusiast I am always on the lookout for new highlighters to try and would love your suggestions of any favourites you think I should check out.




  1. These look really gorgeous highlighter. I adore so much highlighter lately. To end up our make-up look perfectly. Looks natural and glam.

    Kintan XO,

  2. I've seen this bad boy around and have wondered about it - I'm glad to know it's a good purchase and will definitely give it a go :) Thanks for sharing hun :)
    Katja xxx

  3. I absolutely love makeup revolution! Haven't tried this palette yet but it sounds really promising :-)

    ~ Jasmin N

  4. I haven't tried this palette, but these look really beautiful!

  5. I absolutely love a highlighter! I love being twinkly and shiny. And actually I find Revolution makeup really good. Will check this out! Ree Love30

  6. I keep eyeing this palette up everytime i see it in store but worried it wouldn't be very good, thanks for the review will be picking this up for myself after christmas :)

  7. One of my New Years Resolutions is to start getting GOOD at doing my makeup. I'm a basic mascara (on good days!) type of girl right now, so thanks for these suggestions! :)

  8. I wish I had the skills to use such a pretty pallette like that! My best friend would love it!



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