Thursday, 22 December 2016

Blogmas Day 22: What I Love About Christmas

There’s no doubt that Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, I love winter and getting snuggled up with a hot drink and movies, I love all the excitement that comes with the season and I love the hustle and bustle on the lead up to Christmas before everything becomes very relaxed. Today I thought I’d share a few of my favourite things about Christmas.

1. Christmas movies. I’d watch Christmas movies all year if I wasn’t afraid of ruining the festive excitement they bring, so every year when it hits December 1st I start the loop of endless movies. Up first this year was the Polar Express.

2. Is it any surprise that I love shopping at Christmas, well any time of the year really. I love making lists of people and ideas of what they’d like, then spending hours trailing through shops and surfing websites till I find the perfect present though not in December. Come December I avoid shops where possible as people get crazy when they go Christmas shopping, this year mine was finished within the first week of November.

3. I love wrapping presents. I know so many people that hate present wrapping and require a glass or two of wine to see them through the present wrapping process but personally I love it. I love sitting surrounded by gifts to wrap, which I wrap in lovely festive paper with ribbons and bows. This year’s theme happens to be silver, all glitter paper and shiny red paper with red or black ribbons and gift tags. I don’t see what’s not to love. To add to the fun I usually have a reel of Christmas films playing.

4. Decorating the Christmas tree. I have a love hate relationship with my tree. This is the first year that I have built and decorated the tree without any help and by the time I was halfway through arranging the branches on the tree I was ready to give up. Not to worry though, once I started putting the lights on the tree all the excitement of decorating the tree had returned. Make sure you check out my Christmas decorations HERE.

5. Spending a few days at home. Christmas is one of the few times I go home to my parents and its nice to spend time there for a few days relaxing and catching up.

6. Festive baking. I love baking all year round but I especially love Christmas baking. Baking around Christmas always involves yummy ingredients that smell so warm and comforting (yes, it’s the ingredients in gingerbread) and there is an abundance of fabulous ways to decorate your bakes. Seriously, how cute are butter cream snowmen cupcake toppers? If it was an acceptable practice then I’d have Christmas themed baking all year round.

What do you love about Christmas? Do you have any particular traditions that you reserve for the festive time of the year?



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