Friday, 23 September 2016

A Scottish Girl In New York: Ellen's Stardust Diner

I'm currently in NYC for the September weekend and over the four days I'm here, I plan on visiting a lot of places: from the theatre on broadway to restaurants and of course the shops that line 5th Avenue and beyond. My memory's of the trip will get hazy over time as memories do so I thought doing a mini blog series: A Scottish Girl In New York would help keep those memories alive.

Shortly after arriving in NY we headed to the 'home of the singing waitstaff', Ellen's stardust diner. The thinking behind this being that after a long trip our group were shattered and in need of something entertaining to keep us from falling asleep in our dinner. This restaurant definitely was entertaining.

Approaching the diner, it was exactly as you'd picture a diner, big flashing signs and a look that screams retro. Prior to going we were warned that we'd have to queue to get in but surprisingly we were ushered into the diner fairly quickly. Within seconds of stepping foot inside we were presented with a scene that screamed vintage diner from a movie. The tables were metal with metal chairs with that sparkly plastic covering, the waitstaff and diners were signing and there was milkshakes and burgers all round.

The waitstaff work double the norm, waiting tables and signing to the restaurant in between and it wasn't horrifying karaoke signing, the staff were amazing, each having their particular niche. Something I thought was fab is that every hour and a half, the manager praises the staff and brings round a bucket for donations but the donations aren't just to line pockets, all donations go towards signing, dancing and acting classes for the staff so they can pursue their dreams. It was lovely seeing somewhere doing something that helped their staff.

The food was also amazing, a little pricey but hey it is Times Square, it's to be expected. The burgers were huge and so filling, a lot of signing and dancing was definitely needed to burn those monsters off! All in all, Ellen's Stardust Diner was an amazing experience and definitely something different. It stopped people having polite chatter and stopped people from being glued to their phone screen while they ate. It's not somewhere I'd recommend if you're looking for a nice, quiet meal out with friends or family but if you are looking for some fun, then definitely do give it a try!



  1. Amazing post and looks like that you had so much fun in NY. The foods looks so yummy.

    Kintan XOX,

  2. I've not beeb to NY yet on my wanderlust list. I think going to a diner is a must for the authentic American food experience.

  3. Oh looks like you had an amazing time. I really want to visit new York soon.

  4. I'm in NYC, and have yet to try this place. I hear it can get crazy crowded. Definitely going to head down there and check it out!

    1. It was really busy but that's what made it so good, the atmosphere was amazing with everyone joining in! You should definitely check it out xx

  5. Oh Time square, always is expected to pay so much for whatever you are eating! Miss it still though!

  6. It sounds like you had a great time!! I would love to visit NYC!!



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