Sunday 15 May 2016

Zoeva Rose Golden Volume II Review

    How beautiful do these brushes look <3

For several months I have been checking Beauty Bay in anticipation of the Zoeva Rose Golden volume II brushes coming back into stock after having ogled them longingly. One glance at these beautiful brushes would leave me in a frenzy. With their pale peachy pink handles and rose gold ferrules I thought I had found the perfect brush. When a few came back into stock recently I just had to have them .

Now, can we firstly just take a few minutes to appreciate how pretty the packaging of these brushes are. The packaging is this beautiful powdery pink box, the same shade as the handle with the product and branding information embossed in rose gold on them, with the brush name and number clearly labelled. Total eye candy. When you open the box the inside shimmers with a rose gold foil that again perfectly mirrors the product within.
Check out the beautiful Rose Gold embossing on that packaging!

So if your not totally intrigued with these from the packaging you will be after seeing the product itself. I have opted to get a few singular brushes to try rather than the full set and can honestly say i will be back for more.

So the first brush I purchased was the 109 Luxe face Paint brush. This is a contour brush, perfect for powder and cream products. I have tried and tested with both and cannot fault. This brush features a flat square head and is made up of a blend of white natural and synthetic bristles making it powder soft when brushed against your face. The Luxe Face Paint brush is seamless for applying contour in the hollows of your cheek, blending seamlessly and leaving you with a subtle contour.

The second purchase I made was the 104 Buffer Brush, now this brush i was a little sceptical about as nothing compares to the seamless application my beauty blender gives but i was pleasantly surprised. This brush is flat headed and extremely dense. Not as soft as the Face Paint brush as the bristles are vegan friendly Taklon bristles, designed to pick up both powder and cream products. In terms of use, the brush blends very well and leaves my foundation looking seamless but the brush is very heavy to hold. The thick handle makes the brush quite hefty and difficult to use but the end result is definitely worth it.

The last item that really drew my attention is the 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek brush. I have never really used a proper blusher brush in favour of my Real Technique’s Contour brush, It was about time I invested in the proper tool for the job. In comparison to my contour brush this brush has a fairly large head, but oh my the bristles are feather like, and have the same combination bristles as the Luxe Face brush. When using this brush to apply blush you get just enough product to give your face a flush of colour and don’t need to be too wary of looking like a clown.The angled shape of the brush ensures an even application to the contours of your cheeks and leaves you looking flushed. The purchase was definitely a successful one.

Overall, I am over the moon with the selection of Zoeva brushes I have tried and will definitely be back for more, they apply product beautifully and look fantastic too. If you have any recommendations of brushes I should try please do let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts on these brushes and your preferred tools. If you want to check out the brushes I have reviewed, click on the green text throughout the post.




  1. Woah! I've been wanted to try those brushes for so long, then I forgot those and now thanks to you, I remembered those again. :D i must get my hands on those someday soon!

    <3: Jasmin N

  2. These brushes are gorgeous!! I really want to try them :)


  3. I don't really use makeup but I love how those brushes are so fab! (

  4. Those brushes are lovely, I wanna try them out. x



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