Friday, 20 May 2016

The only exercise I've done this month is run out of money...

While admiring the drizzly, Scottish weather this morning I started thinking about the fast approaching summer and the chance of better days. What comes to mind when you think of summer? For me it’s days in the garden with a good book, trips to somewhere sunny and taking advantage of that summer wardrobe that you’ve gloriously stockpiled over recent weeks and that’s when the panic started. I have no summer wardrobe as of yet.  With this in mind it was time for a shopping haul which i plan to share with you all today.

The first summer purchase i made was definitely an essential, my holiday wardrobe would be sparse without it. It is of course the trusty suitcase. My suitcase, like everything else in life needs to be colourful and just a little bit funky. It is a hard shelled suitcase from the Abby range at Revelation! By Antler featuring a bright, floral print and a quirky red zip. It is the perfect travel companion, destined to make you  stand out in the fashion stakes. It is four wheeled, meaning its easy to wheel about and it’s fairly lightweight as well considering its size. It is without a doubt the best place to house my summer clothing.

Having a pair of glasses permanently perched on the end of my nose meant that my next purchase is one that wasn’t really high on my list of things I had to have for summer but when i seen the green blue haze I was sold. They are of course the beautiful Rayban aviators that were posted to my Instagram a few days ago. They have a shiny gold frame and typical Rayban branding, but what got me was the lenses. To look at the lenses is like looking into a deep lagoon. They have a gorgeous green and blue sheen with a gold hue that is visible only when the sun hits them. They are spectacular. They are so lightweight that they sit on my face like a dream and scream summer at anyone who takes a look. A purchase that I definitely will be making good use of (weather permitting).

The next couple of things i picked up were shoes, oh how practical. Instead of stressing about what shoes will go with which outfit i like to pick up just a few pairs of shoes that i can match to anything. First up was a pair of Miss KG trainers that I got from House of Frasers. They are a lovely nude shoe with white lining and accents and a silvery, metallic toe. They are so comfy to wear and will be the perfect choice of shoe for travelling. I also got a beautiful pair of gold sandals by Head Over Heels. These shoes just scream cute with their floral detail and golden colour. They are the perfect shoe to accent a tan and will go with practically anything.

The last few things i wanted to share were a few makeup products i picked up from Superdrug. Working next door to a Superdrug means I often find myself wandering in the door on my lunch break to ‘browse’. Being a fan of the Bourjois healthy mix foundation, i was excited to see a new foundation on offer. The foundation I picked up is the City Radiance foundation in shade 02, vanilla. It promises to be a skin protecting foundation for a brightened, anti-dull complexion.  The formula has radiance boosting pigments that even out complexion for a natural, fresh looking, radiant complexion. It also has an anti-pollution screen that allows the skin to breathe. As it is such a light formula it is perfect for days where going au natural isn’t an option. The last thing I picked up was a Bourjois blusher in the shade Rose Frisson (54). This is a beautiful rose colour that is so shimmery and subtle that it leaves you looking so glowy and fresh. It gives your cheeks just a little bit of colour and sparkle, perfect for that summer look.

So my haul may not have been huge but it’s a start and there will definitely be more hauls over June and July so look out for sneak peaks on my Instagram.



  1. Your suitcase is so cute! I can't wait to go on holiday and escape the british weather haha. Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post? X

    The Fashion Road

    1. Thank you:) Will be good to see some sun for a change haha. I will do x



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