Friday, 6 May 2016

Felix Felicis...

A little stoppered bottle with a smooth gold liquid which may leave the user feeling giddy and on top of the world, a magic little bottle that takes a day from ordinary to extraordinary, that makes the average day delightful and makes daily tasks less unbearable. You may think i am referring to that little magic potion from the wizarding world of Harry Potter but the magical concoction i refer to, lies a little closer to home.

My daily makeup essentials, these are the tools that take me from that sleepy morning state and transform my face so it looks like its ready to conquer the day.  Amongst these little treasures are Estee Lauder’s Double wear foundation. This holy grail product, where do i even start. It has a mixed creamy, liquid consistency with a full coverage, perfect for early starts where using multiple products to achieve a flawless base isn’t an option. Its super easy to blend, buildable and it really lasts. I have very oily skin and i can put this product on in the morning and by the end of the day my face is still matte and my makeup hasn’t budged. It covers redness and acne and leaves my face looking and feeling flawless.

Whats a good foundation without a powder to keep it from budging? The answer there’s not, a good foundation needs a light layer of Laura Mercier’s translucent powder to set it in place. It just so happens that this is another product I won’t leave the house without. This powder truly leaves your face feeling like silk and sets your makeup perfectly. One of the reasons this makes my daily makeup essentials is that it doesn’t dehydrate the skin the way some powders do and leaves you with a natural looking complexion and doesn’t cake, resulting in a flawless finish. Did i mention it also comes in a travel size making it the perfect on the go companion.

In my opinion, no good daily essentials would be complete without a good eyeliner to line those eyes to perfection. A particular favourite of mine has to be the Rimmel London ScandelEyes precision liner in black. This is the perfect way to make my eyes pop, leaving me ready to take on the day. This liner comes in a handy pen like packaging meaning there’s no fuss and no mess when applying, simply take the pen and get drawing. The liner dries really quick meaning i don’t have to worry about smudging my freshly applied ink.This pen is perfect for all my liner needs from a thin line to make my eyes appear bigger to that statement cat flick. 

It’s all well and good having the perfect base but then there’s the small issue of having no dimensions or colour to the face. For this little issue i have the perfect go to blusher, Nars Orgasm. This has been a staple in my collection for years and i have yet to find a blusher to rival it. It is the perfect pink, shimmery shade that goes with any skin tone. Although the colour in the pan looks bright, when applied the colour is soft and subtle giving my face a perfect rosy glow. It really is the perfect powder blusher and comes in a lovely sleek black package which is ideal for taking on the go.

I really do feel like I'm missing something from my daily essential makeup, I've got the base, the perfect pop of colour and eyes that are perfectly rimmed in black but don’t recall mentioning anything about a magic little glow. The only way i’ll achieve a magic glow is from my Too Faced, Candlelight glow highlighting compact. This little pot has two perfect shades, a true champagne which is ideal for highlighting the arches of your brow and the inner corner of your eyes and a rose gold shade which is perfect for making those cheekbones look sharp. 

So there you have it, my felix felicis. These are my go to products that i wear on an everyday basis to ensure i go from sleep to ready to conquer the day.



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