Sunday 18 December 2016

Lush Haul: When All Else Fails, Take A Bubble Bath...

It’s almost impossible for me to walk buy a Lush store without going in,even from the outside your senses get hit with all that fragrant, soapy awesomeness (yes I'm using awesomeness here, there’s no other word that describes how amazing it is). It just invites you in. With the launch of the Christmas products I knew it was time for another visit and this is what I picked up.


Meet Rex, he is the most adorable bubble bar ever! Santasaurus is a new product to lush this year for the holiday season and is part of the bubble bar family. It smells like the soap, Honey, I Washed The Kids which is one of my favourite scents. Thanks to the bergamot oil infused in this product it has a lovely toffee smell, perfect for a winters evening bath. Also found in this little Christmas T-Rex is Brazilian orange oil and cream of tartar which is what makes it bubble and froth and gives it the light, bubbly texture. This bubble bar comes on a lolly stick making for an easy dunking. I like to dunk it in the tub and swirl it for a few seconds to build up the bubbles. Doing this, I usually get three to four uses out of my bar (I like a lot of bubbles).

“Roaring fires signal the beginning of Christmas. Chilly toes wait eagerly for them. Blankets view them with a little jealous trepidation. They mean hot chocolate by the mugful, spicy punch by the tankard, games of charades, onesies, tinsel-covered trees, repeats on tv, mince pies and dinosaurs. And roaring fires aren’t just found in the fireplace; they’re found when you hold this Santasaurus under a raging tap and watch the bubbles of joyous Brazilian orange and fun, fruity bergamot oil fly out.” -Lush


This is a bath bomb I found last year, a little white, vanilla smelling star. When dry it looks just like a little sweet smelling bomb but when it hits the water it spews glitter and little silver stars and if thats not enough, little blue splodges burst from within. It’s definitely a bath bomb that leaves your bathing experience feeling magical!

Snow Fairy/ Magic Wand

These next few products all share the same wonderfully sweet scent, it is of course snow fairy. Snow fairy only comes around once a year to wave her soapy magic then disappears until the next. I go absolutely mad for this product, it smells like candy floss. Pure sugary heaven. It smells good enough to eat and although you may be tempted please don't do that, I imagine it wouldn't taste so good. To me the Snow fairy range is the ultimate girly soap product, its bright pink and has pale blue iridescent sparkles. Super cute. I picked up my consistent festive purchase of shower gel, a magic wand (yes, i feel like a fairy and yes I waved it) and a body conditioner which I reviewed here.

What’s your favourite lush product, limited edition or an all year round love? Let me know below so I can check them out.



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