Saturday 10 December 2016

I’ve never been one for a massive skincare routine with a thousand different bottles full of scrubs, moisturisers and other potions. I like to keep it simple with some micellar water or cleanser. However when winter rolls around I like to amp up my skincare routine a little to stop my skin from drying out and looking papery.
In the mornings I don’t do much in terms of skincare, it takes all my effort getting out of bed and getting ready for the day. I do like to use a cleanser just to remove any dirt and grime on my face. Currently I’m using Nip & Fab’s Glycolic Fix exfoliating facial pads which cleanses and brightens up your skin to make you look more refreshed and awake. I then like to use Garnier’s micellar water to ensure I remove any dirt that the facial pads haven’t picked up. I also like to use this on my lips and around the eye area as it’s a gentle product that’s not irritating. The last thing I like to do in the morning, especially when it’s much colder outside, is  apply liberal amounts of Vaseline to my lips to prevent cracked lips, which are not fun at all!
In the evening is where I like to pay a little more attention to my skin. I start my evening skin care routine in the shower where I like to exfoliate my skin, I like to do this every second night. At the moment I’m using Havana Blues body scrub from & Other Stories which I picked up in New York. This is a sugar scrub which smells amazing and is infused with dried tobacco leaves jasmine and lemon which gives it an amazing fresh smell that leaves my skin beautifully smooth. I then like to use a hydrating mask. At the moment I can’t get enough of Garnier’s Moisture Bomb tissue mask which is one of the most hydrating masks I’ve come across. It leaves my skin looking plump and fresh. Make sure to check out my review of this mask here.
This is my everyday go to skin care routine but on occasion, usually once every few weeks I like to use a face mask to target acne and blemishes. I tend to go for single use masks so there’s not one I’m using continuously. I am always eager to try new products that I can implement into my skincare routine so if you have any favourites then please do let me know.


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  1. I think its so important to look at your skin and figure out its needs. Especially during the winter your skin deserves some extra care



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